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ApnaComplex is one of the top 3 apartment management softwares of India, with more than 500,000 homes across 83 cities. With Pods Studio they have enabled a powerful set of intra-apartment interaction modules to make communication between residents, committee members, and staff an absolutely seamless and hassle-free experience.
Argus News is one of the fastest growing news channels of India. Using Pods Studio's team, Argus News built its website, Android and iOS apps plus a central content management system along with all engagement features within a span of 3 months. Argus now serves a traffic of over 500K monthly users using its technical properties powered by Pods Studio.
LHN Group Singapore
LHN takes industrial, commercial, and residential spaces that are not being used to their full potential and transforms them into spaces that can be used. Pods Studio has collaborated extensively with LHN to develop their property management systems, which have been instrumental in the company's efforts to acquire and retain their customers.
One of the largest co-living businesses globally, home to over 100K tenants across 10 major cities. Nestaway built its tenants platform ‘Nesties’ with Pods Studio, creating a beautiful co-living experience for its members. Nestaway’s NPS ratings shot up significantly within just four months of launch.
PharmEasy today is India’s leading and most trusted online healthcare aggregator in the country. Pharmeasy's 'PE Care' initiative, which aims to bring the company's customers together to collaborate on improving healthcare, was successfully experimented with and piloted in partnership with Pods Studio.
MoEngage is an insights-led customer engagement platform for the customer-obsessed marketers and product owners. MoEngage has been able to successfully build a platform with the assistance of Pods Studio, which will improve the level of knowledge and support provided by MoEngage. Now, their customers can find information and get assistance in a matter of seconds.
Govt. of Odhisa
Odisha state aims to bring the alumni together to improve its educational infrastructure. Using Pods Studio’s technology, Odisha govt built the MoSchool app which could catalyze reaching over a million alumni to fund the initiative. The app has replaced WhatsApp for all interactions between alumni, schools, and the administration of the state.
Darwinbox is recognized as one of the most preferred human capital management SaaS product companies in the APAC. With the assistance of Pods Studio to increase customer engagement and provide better support to their customers. Their community is the one-stop shop for support, hosting knowledge & resource centers, release updates, and product ideation powered by a universal search that helps customers find any information in a fraction of seconds.
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